Issue #12
Volume 7, Number 1

Delineating Supply Chain Management (SCM) Features in Construction Project Delivery: The Nigerian Case by Amade, B., Akpan, E.O.P., Amaeshi, U.F., Okorocha, K.A. & Ogbonna, A.C.

This study sought to delineate SCM features using the analytical hierarchy process (AHP) with a view to incorporating it into the delivery of construction projects in Nigeria. The study adopted an exploratory research design (quantitative and qualitative) methods. A purposive and convenient...

Towards an Understanding of the Influence of National Culture on Organizational Viability: An Exploratory Study by Awuzie, B.O. and McDermott, P.

Viability connotes a system’s ability to become ultra-stable through effective self-regulation of its internal processes and information processing among its subsystems. Applying this to an infrastructure delivery system (IDS) context, this study proposes that an IDS can successfully deliver on...