Delineating Supply Chain Management (SCM) Features in Construction Project Delivery: The Nigerian Case

Author name(s): 
Amade, B., Akpan, P.E.O., Amaeshi, F.U., Okorocha, A.K. & Ogbonna, C.A.

This study sought to delineate SCM features using the analytical hierarchy process (AHP) with a view to incorporating it into the delivery of construction projects in Nigeria. The study adopted an exploratory research design (quantitative and qualitative) methods. A purposive and convenient sampling technique was deployed with the aid of semi-structured interview, case study; questionnaire survey in a construction firm in Port-Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria. Questionnaires were used to collect primary data after being pre-tested via a pilot study for validity and reliability. The data collected were analysed using the AHP. Findings from the study shows that the following features are key; Instituting trust and long term relationships amongst supply chain partners (ITP), supply chain finance (SCF), supply chain and continuous performance measurement (SCCPM), information technology (IT), quality management (QM), supply base management (SBM), senior management’s commitment (SMC) and supply chain orientation (SCO). In delivering construction projects to success using the SCM approach, adequate attention and emphasis should be accorded to the aforementioned important features in the order they appear as they would aid in effecting the much needed success. It is also expected that the features would further be beneficial to construction firms as it would enable the firms to manage, measure and evaluate the gains ensuing from the deployment of SCM techniques.