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Issue #13: Volume 7, Number 2

24 Jan, 2017     James Rotimi

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Issue #12: Volume 7, Number 1

23 Jun, 2016     James Rotimi

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Issue #11: Volume 6, Number 2

24 Mar, 2016     James Rotimi

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Issue #10: Volume 6, Number 1

04 Jan, 2016     James Rotimi

This first issue in 2016 features two articles. The first by Bondinuba et al investigates the influence of certain key factors on supplier relationship quality in the construction industry in Ghana. Their study confirms the positive effect of trust and dependence in the management of supplier relationship quality and extends understanding of the influence of culture and politics. Their findings have practical relevance to building material suppliers. The second study by Naismith et al examines the reality of conflict management in engineering projects in New Zealand. Their study found that…

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Issue #9: Volume 5, Number 2

04 Aug, 2015     James Rotimi

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Issue #8: Volume 5, Number 1

28 Mar, 2015     James Rotimi

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Issue #7: Volume 4, Number 2

19 Jan, 2015     James Rotimi

Volume 4, Issue 2 is the 7th in the publication of the International Journal of Construction Supply Chain Management IJCSCM. IJCSCM continues with its publication quality by ensuring that submitted manuscripts are strictly reviewed by no less than two reviewers of high academic standing. Three quality papers are contained in this issue. The first paper by Mbachu and Taylor determines priority risks on construction projects with a view to minimising risk compensation issues experienced by contractors when they tender for projects. Zaeri and Rotimi’s paper follow with an exploration of the…

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Issue #6: Volume 4, Number 1

03 Jul, 2014     James Rotimi

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Issue #5: Volume 3, Number 2

11 Jun, 2013     James Rotimi

Welcome to Volume 3, Issue 2. The first paper by Larsen, Ussing and Bruno analyse the selection and assignment criteria employed within the Danish construction industry for public sector projects that are put out in European tender. Their study uses a quantitative approach which found that the most used selection and assignment criteria was invited tenders with pre-qualification and lowest price in 69.8 % of tenders. This was with little regard to public project types. The second paper by Ogunsanmi investigates key performance indicators (KPIs) that could improve performance of public-…

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Issue #4: Volume 3, Number 1

17 Sep, 2012     James Rotimi

This first issue in the year 2013 features one of the nagging issues in construction projects, conflicts. The paper investigates the frequency and correlates of conflicts in identified conflict centers on projects procured through traditional and integrated methods. Data obtained from 96 projects in Nigeria were analysed descriptively and using inferential statistics. Whilst the findings do not suggest any significant correlations between the procurement method used for the projects and the frequency of conflicts, the study recommends that personality traits of team members, instead of…

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