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Issue #2: Volume 2, Number 1

25 Dec, 2011     James Rotimi

Welcome to the first issue of IJCSCM in 2012. The issue contains four papers that were written by authors based in New Zealand, South Africa and the UK. Altogether 12 authors produced these papers aimed at enhancing supply chain management research and practice in the construction industry.

The themes covered are varied, beginning with Tennant and Fernie’s paper encouraging the adoption of a form of client-led supply chain relationship called ‘clans’ for the UK construction industry. Vilasini et al seek better integration of critical subcontractors and suppliers with main alliance…

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Issue #1: Volume 1, Number 1

17 Jul, 2011     

I feel privileged to publish the maiden issue of IJCSCM. It is the result of many months of preparatory work, reviews and counter reviews aimed at producing quality articles to the research community and industry. This issue was originally planned for release in October but because of some editorial/administrative hiccups the target could not be met. Please pardon the delay. However I am confident that this maiden issue marks the beginning of significant contribution to knowledge in all areas relevant to construction and the management of its supply chain.

I wish to thank the…

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