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This first issue in 2016 features two articles. The first by Bondinuba et al investigates the influence of certain key factors on supplier relationship quality in the construction industry in Ghana. Their study confirms the positive effect of trust and dependence in the management of supplier relationship quality and extends understanding of the influence of culture and politics. Their findings have practical relevance to building material suppliers. The second study by Naismith et al examines the reality of conflict management in engineering projects in New Zealand. Their study found that power, personality, group dynamics and organisation culture are key drivers of conflict in engineering projects. Also Naismith et al found that collaboration and negotiation are the two resolution tools widely applied in the management of conflicts in engineering projects in New Zealand.

I hope you will find both papers informative as IJCSCM continues to ensure the publication of good quality articles. Please spread information widely to your networks for the submission of manuscripts for inclusion in subsequent editions.

James O.B. Rotimi PhD


by Naismith N, Sethi R, GhaffarianHoseini A and Tookey J

There is a wealth of knowledge concerning conflict management and its resolution in the workplace, however there is a dearth of information relating to conflict management and its resolution in engineering project management.

by Bondinuba FK, Edwards DJ, Nimako SG, Owusu-Manu D and Conway C

Effective and efficient management of suppliers within a supply chain is an essential requirement for improving organisational performance within construction companies.