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Author name(s): Ilori, B. O. and Talukhaba, A. A.
DOI number: 10.14424/ijcscm703017-110-123

A well implemented good practice of Design-Build procurement method brings different disciplines and aspects of construction process together, which in turn minimizes the incidents of constructors having to repeat work, and thus, result in cost and time savings. This type of procurement method increases the probability of a successful project that meets the expectations of all stakeholders. A bad practice of Design–Build procurement method increases the probability that the project’s performance will be compromised and that some or all of the stakeholders disappointed. The aim of this research is to determine whether Design-build procurement method is rightly practiced in South Africa. Data were collected from consultants and contractors using a structured questionnaire via personal contact and email. The collected data were subjected to descriptive statistical analyses. This paper argues that design-build procurement is not correctly practiced in South Africa. This may be due to the late introduction and the level of understanding of the procurement method.