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There are three articles in this issue which cover a variety of studies to improve the construction supply chain and consequently performance of the construction industry. Firstly, Munro and Childerhouse’s article provide an interesting dimension to supply chain integration within civil infrastructure projects. Their study suggests that key actors in civil infrastructure projects could benefit from increased integration by adapting current methodologies that has focus on relationships and operations. Hansen, Too and Le take a retrospective look at front end planning literature. Key thematic were covered which provide useful reference resource to theory and practice. Finally, Adzroe and Awuzie’s article is on the adoption of e-business technology towards enhancing the capacity and capabilities of micro and small construction businesses in Ghana. Their study proposes a conceptual model to facilitate the adoption of e-Business technology.
I trust you will find these articles enlightening. There are exciting times ahead of IJCSCM. There are concerted efforts at repositioning the journal to increase its visibility and ranking. IJCSCM will soon be on a social media platform, and will wear a fresh look. Watch the space!


by Munro, T. and Childerhouse, P.

Extant research in construction supply chains focuses on new asset construction projects with little addressing longer duration asset and network renewal and maintenance programmes.

by Hansen, S., Too, E. and Le, T.

Academics and practitioners have paid close attention to front-end planning research, especially in the construction industry. It is known with many acronyms including pre-project planning and front-end loading.

by Adzroe, E.K. and Awuzie, B.O

e-Business technology adoption within the Ghanaian construction context has been described as abysmal, particularly among Ghanaian construction micro and small businesses (GCMSBs).