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Author name(s): Adzroe, E.K. and Awuzie, B.O
DOI number: 10.14424/ijcscm801018-43-59

e-Business technology adoption within the Ghanaian construction context has been described as abysmal, particularly among Ghanaian construction micro and small businesses (GCMSBs). Elucidating the salience of e-business technology in engendering construction procurement improvement, this study focuses on the development of capability within GCMSBs to engage with, and benefit from, the adoption of such technologies. The study adopts a qualitative multi-case study research design. Consequently, three (3) projects were selected based on pre-determined case selection criteria. Forty-five (45) interviewees were recruited from the projects and government agencies in a manner suggestive of purposive sampling. Excerpts from the interview sessions were transcribed and subsequently, analysed through thematic analysis. Findings confirmed that the absorptive capability of GCMSBs were indeed at a low level due to inadequate training and education, and; non-investment in capability development. A conceptual model to facilitate the adoption process in GCMSBs was proposed. These findings, as epitomized in the conceptual framework, contribute to the burgeoning discourse on the development of innovative capabilities within Micro and Small businesses in the construction industry in developing economies. Furthermore, this study highlights the positive influence of the adoption of e-business technologies on the capacity and capability of GCSMBs. Such improvements on the part of these firms through the framework will translate into optimal working relationships between them and foreign construction firms working within the local Ghanaian context. And, through such relationships, foster growth within these GCSMBs.