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Author name(s): Afoabi, A., Ojelabi, R. and Oyeyipo, O.
DOI number: 10.14424/ijcscm802018-60-72

Indigenous construction firms in Nigeria operate in one of the harshest economic climates while competing with their foreign counterparts. ICFs require strategic and innovative marketing skills in selling their products and services to current and prospective clients. The paper examined the use of social media marketing strategies by indigenous construction firms in Nigeria; a tool for sustainable growth. The study used quantitative data through a questionnaire survey instrument at company-level. A total of seventy-nine (79) questionnaires at firm level were utilised. The data collected were presented using stacked bars, radar charts and matrix correlation. The study identified the social media platforms mostly utilised by ICFs and the major barriers resisting the adoption of the innovative marketing strategy in Nigeria. The perceived benefits accrued to ICFs in the use of social media as a marketing tool differs across the type of social media platforms in use by the ICFs. ICFs need to be concerned about image and trust building through a concerted effort in client engagement on social media platforms to improve their brand and reputation. Social media marketing strategies should be integrated with the traditional marketing plans of construction firm.