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Volume 9, Issue 1 is the 17th issue since the publication of the International Journal of Construction Supply Chain Management IJCSCM. IJCSCM continues to ensure high quality through a strict review policy. You will find that the four articles in this issue are rich and informative. The first article by Sanne et al present arguments for the alignment of business and environmental objectives through a result oriented business model. Their proposed model has a focus on the reduction of CO2 emissions from construction machinery. Fitriani et al studied BIM implementation in AEC companies in Indonesia. Fitriani conclude that BIM was yet to achieve required levels of implementation amongst local contractors in the study area, Palembang, Indonesia. They suggest more awareness and sensitisation to improve BIM implementation. The third article examines relationships between competitive strategies, resources and construction organisational performance. Oyewobi et al study found empirically, that construction business performance is contingent upon their respective competitive strategies and capabilities, particularly for large organisations. The last article by Jensen et al looks at mass customisation in the Danish building industry. Jensen et al conclude that cooperative approaches amongst the construction value chain could enhance mass customisation using some IT tools and standards. Enjoy your read.


by Sanne, J. M., Bjork, A., Sahlberg, B. and Stripple, H.

The literature on sustainable business models suggests a large potential for radical environmental benefits in many industries based upon current technological opportunities.

by Fitriani, H., Budiarto, A., Saheed, A. and Idris, Y.

Despite the booming construction activities in Indonesia, and increasing adoption of BIM across the globe, there has been a little mention of BIM as well as its poor implementation in Indonesia.

by Jensen, K.N, Nielson, K. Brunoe, T.D. and Larsen, J.K.

Research demonstrate that the productivity in the Danish building and construction industry has only doubled over the last fifty years, whereas the manufacturing industry has increased six times.

by Oyewobi, L.O., Windapo, A.O., Jimoh, R.A. and Rotimi J.O.B.

This study examines the relationships between competitive strategies, resources/capabilities and organisational performance in construction organisations.