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Author name(s): Fitriani, H., Budiarto, A., Saheed, A. and Idris, Y.
DOI number: 10.14424/ijcscm901019-20-34

Despite the booming construction activities in Indonesia, and increasing adoption of BIM across the globe, there has been a little mention of BIM as well as its poor implementation in Indonesia. This study investigates the level of BIM awareness, knowledge, perceived benefits and barrier to its implementation among local construction businesses in Indonesia. The research was conducted through structured questionnaires. The respondents were requested to rate the significance of some identified factors according to a five-point Likert scale. Data collected from the survey was analysed using SPSS and evaluated using reliability analysis and descriptive statistics to present the characteristics of the study variables. The study shows that while most respondents recognized Revit and ArchiCAD as BIM enabling tools, there is a need for more sensitisation of local contractors on the purpose and benefits of BIM adoption. The high cost of software and hardware, lack of knowledge, and lack of awareness of BIM were the main barriers to its implementation in AEC companies. The study was carried out within Palembang region and was limited to local construction professionals, with the exclusion of expatriates. Since BIM has facilitated performance and productivity in many nations, it is expected that the technology would be valuable to the Indonesian construction industry. Local Indonesian businesses would need to be motivated to adopt BIM technology for their advancement.