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Author name(s): Watts, G.
DOI number: 10.14424/ijcscm100420-221-233

The construction industry is a major contributor to the UK economy and provides additional benefits for wider society including the creation of social value. The creation of social value is highly dependent upon the construction industry supply chain which can been described as fragmented, adversarial and wasteful. Supply chain collaboration has been improving in recent times with increased trust and communication helping to successfully deliver project requirements, including the creation of social value. However, progression in construction supply chain collaboration was made pre Covid-19, the consequential UK Government enforced lockdown, and resulting recession. As we are now in the immediate aftermath of the initial impacts of the pandemic, this paper aims to understand if the lockdown and proceeding recession has resulted in any supply chain procurement behaviour changes of Quantity Surveying professionals, and how such changes may impact upon social value creation. Semi structured interviews were conducted with seventeen main contractor Quantity Surveyors and the results analysed using narrative analysis. The results revealed that whilst there is a lack of supply chain collaboration generally, progress has been made in building trust and communication amongst the supply chain to help create social value. However, changes in supply chain management behaviours post pandemic now risk undermining social value creation in the construction industry.