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Author name(s): Adeyemi, B.S. and Aigbavboa, C.O.
DOI number: 10.14424/ijcscm110121-21-33

Conflict resolution in the construction industry is the informal or formal procedure that two or more construction professionals use to find a peaceful solution to their misunderstanding. The resolution of conflict can be beneficial to construction professionals, if it is resolved or managed appropriately. Therefore, this study aimed to examine various benefits of conflict resolution among construction professionals in Nigeria. On the research methodology used in this research, a quantitative research method was used. A total number of 150 questionnaires were sent out and 135 were received back from the construction professionals in Nigeria. The construction professionals are quantity surveyor, architects, builders, construction managers, civil engineers, and project managers. The research data that was collected underwent cleaning and screening before the commencement of the analysis. Also, the data collected pertaining to this study was analysed using Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS version 21). This research made use of descriptive and exploratory factor analysis. The study found that conflict resolution could assist in the generation of new insights and perception. This was ranked the highest followed by other benefits of conflict resolution like: reduction in tension, helps professionals to accomplish their ambitions, improves workplace conflicts, and reduces task ambiguity of professionals for construction professionals to enjoy the benefits of conflict resolution they must resolve conflicts among themselves as early as possible.