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Author name(s): Rehman, M.A. and Ishak, M.S.B.
DOI number: 10.14424/ijcscm110221-144-165

Contractors have given importance to risks in the construction process as it causes time and cost overrun, delays, and total desertion in activities and events present in the construction project. The uncertainty in the completion time, cost, and quality during construction relate to construction risks. Project goals are achieved by classifying, investigating, and replying to risks associated with construction projects. To achieve project objectives, team competency and skills are required, which are viewed as attitude, aptitude, versatility, and knowledge. Based on organisation control theory, current research (quantitative in nature) discusses the influence of team competency and skills on construction risk management with the moderation role of government Acts, laws, and policies among 303 large-size contractors working in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia using PLS-SEM technique. PLS-SEM is a composite-based approach that provides high efficiency parameter estimation with increased statistical power for analyzing complex models. Results depict that government Acts, laws and policies and team competency and skills positively influence construction risk management. In addition, moderation of government Acts, laws, and policies has positive relation among team competency and skills and construction risk management. Organisational management can reduce risk occurrence within a project by building conditions for enhancing team competency and skills.