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Volume 4, Issue 2 is the 7th in the publication of the International Journal of Construction Supply Chain Management IJCSCM. IJCSCM continues with its publication quality by ensuring that submitted manuscripts are strictly reviewed by no less than two reviewers of high academic standing. Three quality papers are contained in this issue. The first paper by Mbachu and Taylor determines priority risks on construction projects with a view to minimising risk compensation issues experienced by contractors when they tender for projects. Zaeri and Rotimi’s paper follow with an exploration of the applicability of a simulation-based tool (EZStrobe) in planning and managing a typical bridge construction operation. Towards the modelling of the bridge operation the authors describe an activity cycle diagram (ACD) developed to facilitate the use of EZStrobe on the project. Finally, Ji, Mbachu and Domingo present a study of the factors influencing the accuracy of pre-contract stage estimation in New Zealand. Their study found 37 factors of varying levels of influence on estimates of which their prioritisation could help practitioners to prepare more reliable contract price estimates. Enjoy your read.

James O. B. Rotimi PhD


by Jasper Mbachu and Samuel Taylor

While tendering for jobs, a contractor is expected to analyse the various risks in each prospective project and price them appropriately. Contingencies are included in the tender price to cater for the various risks based on their impacts on the project targets and profit margin.

by Fahimeh Zaeri, James Olabode Bamidele Rotimi

Success in the performance of construction projects can be substantially enhanced if plans are formulated more realistically, ahead of time.

by Cong, Ji, Jasper Mbachu and Niluka Domingo

Establishing and prioritising the factors that may influence the final contract price when responding to a call for tenders is crucial for proper risk analysis and reliable forecasting; it could make or mar the ability to achieve expected profit margin in an era of lump sum fixed price contracts